As a homeowner you have some choices to make for repairs and renovations that protect the market value of your home. If you own an older or historical structure, those updates and repairs need to be carefully considered and may not be as straightforward as they are for modern homeowners. Chelmsford Plastering and Rendering is a leading authority on the restoration of the interior and exterior walls and ceilings using plastering as well as dry lining. We offer you the benefit of decades of knowledge for drywall installation and repairs as well as the specialized task of plastering services. If you are seeking highly rated craftsmanship and a trusted service provider, we are the go-to company in the region.

Lath and Plastering Techniques
Lath and plaster ceilings and walls were commonplace before the 1950s and the invention of sheetrock. These slats of wood and plaster were applied to horizontally to create a finished surface. It is no longer used in modern home construction in lieu of lightweight and faster application of sheetrock. Our plastering service is well versed in the repair of lath and plastering techniques to keep your home well insulated and the surface of your ceilings and walls smooth. It is a process that requires precision and it is highly recommended that you do not make amateur attempts at correcting cracks and crumbling that appear on these plaster services. As the leading domestic plastering company in the region, we are a trusted source for exceptional craftsmanship.

Stud Wall Construction
Unless you live in the open air, you are in the structure surrounded by walls. They serve to divide spaces, protect you from the weather outside, and provide privacy. Those walls sometimes need renovation or you may want to construct new ones. Our stud wall construction is first class and can help you transform a bigger room into a better-planned space. When it come sot constructing new walls and room partitions, we are the go-to domestic plastering company. For years you have wanted to upgrade your basement or attic space into a more usable area that provides storage and living space, but you delayed thinking it could not be done affordably. We offer clients outstanding craftsmanship and prices that are fair and affordable. 

Room Partitions
Planning and construction of a room partition do not have to be an overwhelming project that you do yourself. When you call upon our specialists, we provide expert feedback for how the room should be divided, utilizing space in an efficient manner that delivers privacy as well as adequate soundproofing. Whether you are seeking dry lining or more solid construction of lath and plaster. We have decades of experience performing residential new walls and room partitions that also ensure the space is safe from moisture, issues such as fungus and is also fire resistant. Our work is completed according to industry standards and we are a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor for all your domestic plastering needs.  

Professional Expertise
You may not know the difference between skimming services or stud wall construction and dot and dab, but we do. As the leading plastering contractor in the region, we understand the needs of homeowners for protecting their investment. Our exterior rendering services as well as construction and repairs to interior walls and ceilings are unmatched. Delayed repairs to these areas or do-it-yourself attempts at maintenance can create bigger more expensive problems. Wall collapse, water, and moisture damage are just a few of the challenges you may face. Whether you are a historic homeowner or you have a modern structure, we deliver professional and outstanding results. 

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