Plastering & Skimming

Historic homes are beautiful and take a great deal of time and effort to maintain. If yours has been constructed with plastering and skimming finishing, you likely require a professional plastering contractor that is highly skilled to make repairs. Chelmsford Plastering and Rendering is a top-rated provider that has decades of experience as well as formal training in the industry. We also have a long time presence in the region and understand the attention to detail required to make repairs to infrastructure made with plastering techniques. We perform a wide variety of both domestic and commercial plastering services and you can depend on our skills for exceptional outcomes.

Quality workmanship
As Chelmsford’s leading plastering contractor, we perform both dry lining and plastering service as well as rendering service. Whether you have a small commercial property or a large home, we are accustomed to working in a variety of settings and as a result you can expect quality workmanship. Unlike dry lining, plastering is a specialized skill, though both require attention to detail, plastering is can takes years of dedication to learn the craft for professional results. If you have a historic home or building, it is not recommended that you attempt to plaster it yourself or ask any other amateur to repair as you could be doing worse damage. Instead, employing a plastering contractor with notable experience is a better strategy.

Original Surface
Before the invention of drywall in the 1950s, there was plastering. Your walls and ceilings were surfaced due to its ability to significantly reduce noise and it was well known for its ability as a fire-resistant material. It was common practice to use it in home building over top of brick, wood-frame home, and stone. It was even used as a design element for textures and patterns on ceilings and walls and even sculptures. Some notable historic uses were found first found in what is now the region of Turkey and plasterwork was used to design the bust of Queen Nefertiti in ancient Egypt. Plastering is flexible and a material that was applied to spaces in which it would have been difficult to use other materials for finishing.

Expert Skills
Over time there is a lot of movement that often happen in walls and the lath and plaster start to separate you will see cracking and separating of your walls and ceilings. As experts in the field of plastering, we can transform those damages into a smooth glass-like finish that is rarely achieved by amateurs and less skilled professionals. When your plaster is damaged it is usually the result of a shift in the foundation or if there has been trauma to the wall. Extensive damage requires not just knowledge of repairs but also practical technical skills to ensure an accurate finish. We take a do no harm approach to our plastering methods so you have the confidence of knowing completed work is exceptional.

Repairs for lath and plaster ceilings and work like skimming service requires not just technical skill and knowledge, but also time. Plastering is a science in which high-quality materials should be mixed and installed with care to create a durable finish that is much stronger than dry lining. When the solution is dry, all the water should be evaporated and hardened into wall, and ceiling finish can easily stand up to daily life around it. Our years of experience and specialization in the industry means that we routinely upgrade our skills and knowledge to deliver durable plastering solutions.

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