Dry Lining

You have a remodelling or renovation project in mind for your home. If it involves new walls and partitions, then the dry lining is one of your options. The majority of new build properties are constructed with this material for a variety of reasons that include its efficiency and variety of sizes and thicknesses. Chelmsford Plastering and Rendering conducts repairs and new installations using this material and the results are outstanding. We use high-quality plasterboard and our craftsmanship is unmatched so you can expect the results you envisioned only better. We possess decades of experience and we use well-proven methods to ensure quality.

A Great Alternative to Plaster
If you have a new model home then you probably have dry lining as a finishing for your walls. It is a system that has replaced and overtaken the use of plastering for walls and ceilings because of its easy installation. Painting its surface is also more efficient because of its smooth surface. Installing dry lining also does not require as much technical skill as the construction of plastering, making it a more affordable avenue for property owners who want to save money and time. You also have the advantage of choosing among several sizes and thicknesses so that appropriate plasterboard is selected for a specific type of building project. This means whether your seeking drywall plastering for your bathroom or you wish to erect plasterboard partitions for new walls, you have a wide variety of options.

Fast and Efficient
Dry lining or plasterboard repairs and installations are completed faster and more efficiently than plastering. When you have a professional plastering contractor that possesses as much expertise as we do, you have the confidence of knowing the task is completed quickly. Renovations are usually on a schedule and the longer time it takes to finish a project, it likely also costs you money. We evaluate the plasterboard work you need and provide you with an accurate time of completion so that you can move onto other time-sensitive items on your remodelling list. We are master craftsman with decades of experience and you will find that what may take other plastering contractors much longer, we can complete with exceptional workmanship but sooner. 

Less Labour Intensive
Plasterboard is a much lighter material and takes less time to dry. You might not think this matters, but if other renovations must be put on hold until your wall finishing is complete, this makes a difference in schedule and budgeting. Less labour-intensive also means more affordable. Drywall plastering offers clients an easier renovation process for your interior work and it’s easier to repair. This is meaningful compared to plaster that mistakes are more challenging and take longer to repair because the surface stays wet longer. We are specialists in both plastering service and applying plasterboard for features such as new walls and partitions, and we can share with you the pros and cons of each method. 

Improve Energy Efficiency
According to research dry lining can improve energy efficiency in your home or commercial property. This is because when insulation is installed behind, it provides a barrier against moisture. There is a great deal of well-proven research stating the more than 45 percent of heating is lost through the wall of structures, making insulation a critical factor for keeping a home able to withstand seasonal changes in weather. We use the finest quality plasterboard for our wall and ceiling work that are all included in fire rating systems to ensure your safety.

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