Ceiling Works

Remodeling your home is not an easy decision. You may want to update or create features that highlight your aesthetic but when it comes to ceiling works it is not an easy task that can be done on your own. To maintain the market value of your property a professional plastering contractor is an avenue you want to take. Chelmsford Plastering and Rendering is the leading commercial and residential plasterer in the region. We take on both large and small jobs and help you protect the value of your home or business property. Perhaps you don’t think you can afford a professional service provider, but that is far from the truth because we offer fair and competitive pricing and high value for money spent.

Coving Features
In historic home coving features in ceilings were a traditional design that was commonly seen in European homes. Now in modern homes, it is an expense that has been pushed aside to cut costs. But if you are an admirer of coving or you have an older home, you might want to preservice this design element, but you need a specialist to help you achieve and maintain the effect. Our plastering team is well versed at this conducting and repairing this design element that adds sophistication to your ceilings. It is a feature that mostly seen in reception areas, but modern homeowners are beginning to realize the value of these traditional elements and there is a return to this home ideals. 

Artex Coating
You may not know the proper name for the design feature on your ceiling that adds texture, but you know you like it and you want to preserve it and repair it to its original beauty. Artex coating is used in ceiling design to give the surface area a unique pattern or texture. Some owners may not like the uniform look of plastering but they want the benefits plaster has to offer. Our highly skilled plastering contractors can give you the best of both worlds by providing you with this attractive finish for your ceiling. We have a long time presence in the plastering industry and as a result, we have finely honed our skills to ensure that your ceilings look their best. 

Suspended Ceilings 
Suspended ceilings also are known as dropped ceilings is an approach used to create a void space for heating and ventilation, wiring as well as your plumbing. it is also a design element that can be an effective tool for soundproofing. The procedure involves using the underside of the flooring structure above it to construct a secondary ceiling using panels. This false ceiling can be a creative element that homeowners and commercial property owners use to create a unique look or transform an interior space when the panels are changed to different colors or patterns. This is an easy remodeling project that is affordable and requires little time. 

Upgrading and Updating
Before the 1950s residential and commercial building projects used lath and plaster walls and ceilings. This technique was used to help interiors control temperatures with seasonal changes in the weather. If you have an older home, you likely have lath and plaster walls and a lath and plaster ceiling. As this insulation ages it tends to sag and cracks and if it is your ceiling, it may even fall. When this happens, you need a team of plastering contractors that has the skills to repair it. You don’t have to fear not finding experts or make the decision to replace it with plasterboard. Instead, you can call upon the specialists of Chelmsford Plastering and Rendering.  

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