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We perform outstanding plastering services for commercial and domestic needs from erecting partitions in offices to rendering repairs for your historic home. As the leading plastering service in the region, we are dedicated to maintaining high standards, and when it comes to repairs and new installations for your home or business property,

you likely are seeking high standards and accuracy the first time around. This is why amateur attempts are best avoided and using professional specialists is vital. You don’t have time or money to waste and you want to protect your investment. Chelmsford Plastering and Rendering understands the needs of clients can expect a flawless outcome for all their plastering and rendering needs.

About Us
We are your go-to plastering company for exceptional craftsmanship. When you are seeking repairs and maintenance for the exterior and interior of your domestic or commercial property, our skills are unmatched. Chelmsford Plastering and Rendering conducts work with precision and attention to detail so that you can entrust your historic home or modern structure-property in their capable hands. We have a wealth of knowledge about traditional plastering and we have taken the time and consideration to truly learn our craft so that it not only meets but surpasses industry standards. This also means we use well-proven approaches for repairs and new installations, yet we also take time to learn new and innovative means for accomplishing tasks.

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    Our Services

    From erecting new walls and partitions to the installation of fire-resistant drywall. Our plastering service is an essential service provider for the discerning homeowner. We conduct work on historic homes constructed with traditional plastering as well as modern structures built with dry lining. Plastering techniques are a specialised skill and when you own property with this material you want a master craftsman that will protect the integrity of the structure. Rather than conducting do-it-yourself attempts at repair, you can employ a team that will complete flawless work. We understand the importance of preserving your historic property as well as the value of upgrading homes for energy efficiency that drywall can achieve.


    Plastering is a long and timeless tradition that has been used for centuries in residential properties. but it is no longer commonly used in modern structures. Hiring a plastering service that has deep knowledge of the process and has a strong reputation for excellence is important when you have a home built with plastering. Our master craftsmen have developed skills for both plastering and drywall plastering. We understand and value the need for both techniques in home repair and new installations.


    It can’t be business as usual when your property needs repairs or new installations. Whether you are seeking new walls and partitions or suspended ceiling repairs, we have a wide variety of services to meet the needs of commercial property owners. Chelmsford Plastering and Rending have a stellar reputation for customer service and affordable prices. You can easily avoid conducting plastering and rendering as do-it-yourself tasks when you have experts on-call.

    Plastering & Skimming

    Plastering is a highly technical skill for your interior walls and ceilings. Our team has decades of experience producing outstanding results, including for the technique of skimming. These are not easy tasks to accomplish and it is highly recommended that you use a professional service to achieve the smooth results you want in plastering. We are dedicated to transforming your walls and ceilings into surfaces that are strong and attractive.


    You have an unsightly exterior that looks tired and shabby. Rendering services can refresh the exterior walls of your home to make it more attractive and boost your curb appeal. You also may be considering renovation projects by adding an extension. As an older home, rendering can provide a cohesive look that marries your old structure with the new addition. This can have a positive effect on the market value of your home and even attract potential home buyers if you are looking to sell.

    Ceiling Works

    Whether you have lath and plaster ceilings or dry lining you want to employ a plastering company that has the expertise to make the repairs or conduct new installations. We possess a long-standing presence in the industry and are widely known for our exceptional quality workmanship on ceilings. When you have damage to this area of your home or commercial property, you can call Chelmsford Plastering and Rendering for an evaluation. We will come to your property and provide expert feedback and well-proven solutions.

    Dry Lining

    The days of just using plastering for new wall installations, ceilings, and partitions are long behind us. Dry lining is an advancement that was invented in the 1950s and has since become commonly used for both commercial and domestic plastering services. It’s more energy-efficient, quick to install, and comes in various thicknesses for fire resistance and flexibility of use. Now you no longer need to wait days or weeks for project completion and both modern and older homes can benefit from its use.

    Contact Chelmsford Plastering and Rendering

    If you are seeking outstanding results from a local plastering contractor, contact Chelmsford Plastering and Rendering. Countless clients can attest to our reputation as trusted and reliable service providers. When you contact us, our account executives are readily available to answer all your questions about our process and prices. We take pride in our ability to provide both modern and historic properties with the services they need for repairs and new installations. Whether you call, email, online chat, or connect via our social media accounts, you will receive accurate feedback with a friendly attitude.
    “Our home was built in the 1920s and we knew we could not just trust repairs to anyone. They really knew what they were doing and we were thrilled at the outcome.” – James H. – Chelmsford
    “We needed to update our office space by addition partitions and we found the perfect team to do it. They helped us with the configurations and answered all of our questions about the materials they were using.” – Cecelia G. – Romford
    “I am very happy with the rendering work they did on our cottage. It looks fantastic and fresh again and we highly recommend them for keeping to the schedule we had.” – Heather S. – Brentwood
    The following questions are just a few that we are commonly asked. We thought it would be good to share our answers with you. If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to reach out to our team!

    Why is plastering so expensive?
    Plastered walls transform the feel and look of your home, providing it with an elegant finish even without adding a coat of paint. While they have a beautiful finish and last long, plastered walls do cost a pretty penny. Plastering requires a lot of labour, with the average wall needing a minimum of three coats. You should do proper preparation before the start of the actual plastering for the best finish. You have to prepare, level, clean and prime the walls to allow for the smooth application of the plaster. Additionally, plastering is quite a business. Cleaning and waste disposal are additional costs you need to keep in mind.

    Can you plaster yourself?
    Plastering isn’t as easy as it looks. While you can plaster your walls on your own, plastering is a trade skill and if you have never done it before, we recommend you take a short plastering course to learn the basics. The next thing is preparation. Get all the tools you need and materials ready, once plastering starts you can’t stop until you finish. Lastly, prepare the walls, strip wallpaper, clean the walls, fill in or skim the cracks, and off you go. Keep in mind plastering is a skill that gets easier with practice, so try as much as possible. Failing this, we highly recommend calling Chelmsford Plastering and Rendering to get the job done right the first time!

    Is it hard to become a plasterer?
    Like any other skill, to become a plasterer requires dedication and focus. It is neither hard nor easy to become a plasterer. There are three ways you can become a plasterer that spring to mind. One is by going to a college institution that will teach you the skills required. Another is watching some YouTube videos and doing small DIY projects and keep building your skills gradually. The other option would be by gaining experience working on-site with an experienced plasterer. The job requires one to be physically fit since it involves a lot of demanding tasks. Plastering is challenging, but the results are rewarding in the long run.